Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Testing the Borg 45ED II with a 40mm Pentax SMC XL

It feels like crazy, but this combo is really nice! The view is very sharp and bright, extremely contrasty!

This combo gives slightly more than 8x which in terms yield 8 degrees true field of view! This field is huge, even when compared with binoculars! My Canon 10x30 IS gives *only* 6 degrees of true field!

Call me crazy, I indeed enjoy wide field viewing, I can't wait to use this combination under darker sky to scan around the summer milkyway. I expect faint fuzzies everywhere in the field of view!

Will I ever part with my Borg 45ED II? I doubt now. Maybe only a Borg 60ED which has only 25mm more focal length, that means, a very similar true field of view with added aperture!

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