Sunday, March 29, 2009

Extending my battery box

Recently, I'm trying to attach a focusing motor to my C5 and since the motor is a 6V model, the 9V focusing controller box from my JMI NGF-S is just giving a little bit too much power.

Therefore, I will need to make a new one. On finding a small plastic box for this project, I saw one which is pretty suitable, but it was already used for another project which is a 4.8V battery box with a USB socket.

I used it to power my TG-SP II in the field, and I also used it to charge my mobile phone, etc. Four AA rechargeables are just great for this purpose.

Having said that it's already used, but I still believe that I could also add one more purpose for it since there's still room inside.

All I would need to do is to add two SPDT switches, plus a 3.5mm mono-socket and it's done! See below:

Then, I mounted a small DC geared motor to my C5 via a pipe clamp, since it's so small, it's just very securely fixed via this simple thing. Better yet, no hole was drilled and it could be removed in seconds. I placed the excessively long wire around the visual back so in case I want them, I can release it quickly. This motor is compatible with the JMI hand controller, however, since the JMI is giving 9V but my motor is 6V native, that's a little bit faster than I wanted. However, I've conducted an experiment and I found that at the slowest setting, it's precise (slow) enough to give accurate focus.

Next is my USB battery/focuser controller box, it works without problem. Now, it's the same box but dual purpose. The 4.8V provided by four AA rechargeable is better for the driving work.

Previously, I found that my TG-SP II couldn't be used with my C5 since the scope will become shaking when focusing, and now with the motorized focuser, maybe it could be used? When weather allows, I shall check.

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