Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Projects on hand

1. C5/PST Project

- The mounting of the ERF: I shall measure the exact figures again, to make rings similar to the last one which I've measured correctly last time but written wrongly... This time I shall make two rings, held together by screws like 1-inch long to secure the whole thing better, last time it's only held by two very small screws protruded only 1-1.5mm into the ring, and it's not very secure indeed.

- A tilt-able mounting of the PST etalon: I shall design and make an adapter which connects the C5 to the PST etalon via SCT female thread and M50*1 male thread, time to go back to the drawing board to design the tilting mechanism.

- Non-tilt-able mounting of the PST etalon: it's already here, for double stacking with my Borg 45ED II, SM40/BF10 setup.

2. Takahashi TG-SP II Autoguiding Project

- Order one more 12V 5RPM Geared DC motor

- Design a mounting plate to host the two motors to the RA/DEC slow motion control shaft of the TG-SP II, this plate shall also host sockets for autoguiding and hand controller

- Shop for a suitable box for hand controller, just four SPDT switches together with a battery pack, 4AA i.e. 4.8V seems suitable for extremely slow guiding operation.

- This platform is to be used with camera lens and DSLR

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