Monday, February 11, 2008

Impulse purchase

This is an impulse purchase, to say it first, since it's driven by the offer and the decision is done within 5s.

It's a 5" well made achromat with focal length of 820mm, i.e. around f/6.6, it's a bit heavier than a C8 OTA, I tried it several years (yes, years) ago in a dark site, and I loved its color correction (of course, with the expectation of the correction of a fast achromat), and the field of view, the view of open clusters are very sharp and contrasty.

The first owner who shared the view with me years ago offered this scope to me at a very cheap price that no one will refuse, at that price, you would not even hesitate to give it as a gift to your friend. So, there must be some usage for this scope.

Tentatively, I will try to use it with a PST etalon, and if it's too fast, I'll try to add a barlow lens in front of it. I'll also try to use it with my APM Herschel Wedge to do some white light imaging, and CaK with the Baader.

The bottomline is that, I'll pass it to my friend as a gift, it will be a very nice deep sky instrument.

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