Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Astronomy Budget of 2008

I never do this before, but this year is pretty special, since there're quite a number of items that could be planned.

1. Total solar eclipse trip

- it will cost both time and money, but this is one of the goals which I believe that I must accomplish in my life. :-)


- this item has been in my plan for several years. Due to the upcoming total solar eclipse trip, and the availability of live-view, I will want to implement it before maybe April or May so that I can train up myself on how to use it before the trip

3. Solar imaging upgrade

- Lunt's solar system has attractive offerings
- Upgrade and enhance my PST based system, solve internal reflection issue and the ERF mounting issue
- Improve the white light view (larger refractor, i.e.), and the CaK view (larger refractor or a better CaK filter altogether)

4. Anything else... this usually happens for me...

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