Monday, February 04, 2008

New motor ordered

Just ordered one 12V 5RPM reversible DC geared motor with 6mm shaft. Since it's slower than the ones which I had on hand, it should be even more suitable, and the diameter of its shaft matches the one from the TG-SP II exactly, it's going to give far less trouble. This one will be used on the DEC for motorized manual guiding first.

It has M3.5 mounting holes and should be easier to find than the M1.5 of the older motors.

Once it's proven to work, I'll buy one more for the RA.


Tuguldur said...

hey, how are you doing?

I have my one friend is planning to visit HK via his work. And he is planning to buy a scope if he will have any chance.

So I was wondering if you can forward me some web links of any telescope stores in HK?


Tuguldur said...

thanks a lot man! really appreciated!