Monday, February 18, 2008

Canon 10x30 IS, monocular, DC Geared motor

Yesterday it was cloudy essentially, I setup my telescope to wait for the sun anyway, while waiting, I took my Canon 10x30 IS binoculars to scan around the roof of some close by factory buildings, these buildings are paradise for birds, since they got some plant there, and with some water. I could at least identify four kinds of birds, they're all common in Hong Kong, but it's nice to see them at that close while not disturbing them a bit.

I also took my small monocular to have a look, the field of view is far smaller, and the view is also dimmer, even I set its zoom eyepiece to match the exit pupil size. Also image stabilizer is really a must have if you compare them size by size. Of course, given the 20x price difference, it's expected.

The 5 RPM 12V geared DC motor just arrived, the 6mm shaft looked very powerful, the gear box is larger than the motor itself. I plug it in a 12V DC and it moves very nicely, my finger cannot stop the shaft no matter how hard to try, I even placed it under the weight of a large PC tower case and it's still moving very smoothly. Three threaded mounting holes are available for easy attachment. It's rather heavy.

I shall try to attach it to my TG-SP II tonight with the inline shaft coupler which I already had at home to see if it's strong enough. If the proof of concept experiment works, I will order one more and then design the mounting hardware, to host both motors as well as the electronics inside. This is the last "unit testing" experiment. Next step would be integration testing by merging the mechanical components as well as the electronics.

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