Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Failed day time observation

Usually observations do take place at night but for me, it's not a surprising thing to have a day time observation, since one of my major targets is our sun. However, this time, I ain't target at the Sun, but instead, it's another target closed to the sun by these days. Yes, it's comet Mc Naught.

I didn't bring along with me anything, no telescope, no camera, just my eyes. And it's conducted during my lunch break. The sky was covered with cloud basically, with less than 3% of pale blue sky, but I still tried.

Of course, failed as well.

A local folk successfully took an image with a telescope by using GOTO, but from his raw image, the comet is totally transparency, it only comes out from the thin cloud when the level is stretched heavily.

Of course, there's still hope. I'll aim at it again whenever there's chance.

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