Sunday, January 07, 2007

20060107 Solar Observation (White Light + H-alpha)

We have two active regions 930 and 933, and a smaller one 934 close by 933. Seeing was very poor from 0-1/10.

First two are by C5 with 2x, zero gain, 1/1000s:-

1510 ar933:-

1512 ar930:-

Next two are by C5 with 2x, medium gain, 1/1600s:-

1513 ar930:-

1516 ar933:-

Then by Ranger with 3x, zero gain, 1/2000s, herschel wedge, 1532:-

Then by Ranger with 3x, low gain, 1/1600s, herschel wedge, 1535:-

Visual observation by Herschel Wedge is much sharper and far more contrasty, despite the significantly smaller aperture. Color abberation is apparent from my Ranger, but the detail inside the sunspsts are very delicate and fine. Stopping down to 40mm eliminates all color abberation, and the amount of detail is similar to my eye at 3x with 20mm eyepiece, that translates to 72x.

Then by Ranger, SM40/BF10, these are the two raw frames for the above mosaic in another post:-

Ranger, SM40/BF10, 2x close up:-



Better seeing after this point, so...

Ranger, SM40/BF10, 2x, mosaic, failed, cannot complete a full disc and with contrast variations among frames:-

Ranger, SM40/BF10, 3x close up:-


1608, this one processed with 7 alignment points:-


With the more encouraging seeing, I use the herschel wedge again, tried 2x with a 7mm ortho, could definitely see more than my camera could show. So, I inserted my 5x to attempt to take some shots, but was frustrated again, thus took only one clip:-

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