Sunday, January 28, 2007

20070128 H-alpha and White Light (AR940 and interesting prominences)

Poor seeing (2/10) kills any smaller detail, and poor transparency (2/10) kills all the contrast.

1501 full disc composed by two separate exposures on prominence and surface detail:-

1507 close up of AR940, with 2x barlows, Borg 45ED II:-

1513 another close up in back/white:-

1514, 1516 prominences with 2x barlows, Borg 45 ED II:-

Full disc mosaic stitched from 3 * 3 raw frames, click to see full size, this is about what a SM40 can do in terms of resolution as by calculation, but this shot is limited by seeing and transparency, sounds like it's not worth to upgrade in Hong Kong, since we are more limited by the air pollution than equipments, we can see seeing/transparency are both varying while the individual shots are taken:-

1548: White Light Full Disc, Borg 45ED II, DMK 31AF03, APM Herschel Wedge, ND3 + Polarizer:-

The orientation of the solar disc is changed since I am using a polarizer to reduce the brightness (it's already minimum gain with 1/10000s exposure, but still over, so got to add the polarizer).

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