Saturday, January 27, 2007

20070127 M42 Borg 45ED II with DMK 31AF03

First attempt to use DMK with my Borg 45ED II, I found there's some very slight image shift in the JMI NGF-S when the focus direction is reversed, but it's very slight, around a few pixels at this image scale, acceptable to me.

Focal reducer is pretty hard to use, since it's hard to re-focus after fixing the reducer in place. So, I'm doing these without reducer, i.e. at its native focal length of 325mm.

With my very roughly polar aligned LXD55, star remain absolute pinpoint at up to only 16.36s, and I could see slight elongation at 19s+.

Transparency remained quite low at 6/10.

The 16.36s clip (with 30+ frames) is spoiled for software problem, only the 19s * 5 survive:-

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