Monday, August 29, 2016

A new budget notebook

My Asus Eee has been repaired several times, I've replaced its keyboard, hard drive, battery and even CPU/chipset fan.  The transformer is dying so that I could use it either to charge up the battery or to operate the computer but not both, otherwise, the computer will reboot itself randomly.  Worst yet, it is still running Windows XP and would be obsolete enough soon, for example, no more dropbox in the near future.

So I took the plunge to buy a new notebook, but I was on a budget.  I want something light and small, despite I could use my Teclast tablet when I want absolute portability.  Finally, I got a Acer Aspire ES 11 which features a bigger display, and it's lighter in weight and has better battery life.  USB 3.0 port is available as well, but of course, it won't be much faster.  This is a fact of life, you choose only two: cost, performance, portability.

I have installed everything there so that it would be my next work horse.  ASI 120mm and 120mc drivers were installed,  that megapixel monochrome camera too!  No more dropped frame with the all the cameras.  So nice! 

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