Friday, July 15, 2016

20160715 Sun

Got a half day off today with the kids, found that the sun could be seen from another room with a less desirable angle, anyway, why not?

Pull out everything and went to another room, the view was a bit blocked but still do-able.  The JMI focuser controller is oh-no, low battery and cannot move at all.  Removing four screws and replace the battery is time consuming, the sun was going away.  My Teclast was low battery, too, just 7% left... what's bad is that, I couldn't charge it and use the USB port for my cheapy bw cam at the same time... So, I took the plunge and do it all without all those adversities.

Click for full size, taken at 0724 (UT)... T-max does not tuned well, aligned with only a single point, i.e. AR 2565.  I had just ordered an ASI 120mm (again) in the hope to get better image, let's see.  Why I was selling that was due to the Newton's ring, and my current bw cam got Newton's ring too...

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