Friday, July 15, 2016

20160715 Sun (and also 20160716, added on 20170916)

Got a half day off today with the kids, found that the sun could be seen from another room with a less desirable angle, anyway, why not?

Pull out everything and went to another room, the view was a bit blocked but still do-able.  The JMI focuser controller is oh-no, low battery and cannot move at all.  Removing four screws and replace the battery is time consuming, the sun was going away.  My Teclast was low battery, too, just 7% left... what's bad is that, I couldn't charge it and use the USB port for my cheapy bw cam at the same time... So, I took the plunge and do it all without all those adversities.

Click for full size, taken at 0724 (UT)... T-max does not tuned well, aligned with only a single point, i.e. AR 2565.  I had just ordered an ASI 120mm (again) in the hope to get better image, let's see.  Why I was selling that was due to the Newton's ring, and my current bw cam got Newton's ring too...


20170916 Sun

I found that there is an unprocessed clip in my home NAS, and just did the processing and add it back.

Surprisingly similar to the one above, maybe the file name was incorrect?  But it was generated by Sharpcap...  anyway, just as a record.

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