Monday, January 10, 2011

Celestron C5 OTA

This could become harder and harder to come by.

What I got ia s silver tube C5 OTA with Starbright Coating, it comes with a Meade 2" SCT mirror diagonal with 1.25" compression ring adapter. A 9mm Kellner eyepiece is included. The diagonal has a "Japan" label on it, and that 1.25" adapter has a compression ring inside, not bad it seems.

The focusing knob is a bit tight and it has some rough points throughout the whole travel, but then when I loosen the screws a little bit, the problem is gone.

This is the worst part, as you can see from this photograph, part of the rubber ring around the secondary cell is missing. It indicates that the corrector was once removed from the tube for some unknown reason.

I guess that I've got a good deal but then I found many issues with this OTA. The most serious one is that the retaining ring on the corrector is pretty loose so that the corrector can rotate around the cell, bad thing indeed! You need critical alignment for the corrector and the primary!

I've decided to return this scope to the seller. Just waste money for the shipping, sad.

What's still good for this particular transaction is that, I managed to try this OTA on my iOptron and I found that it could handle it without any problem! So, maybe I can go to search for another C5 in the future?


I've been struggling for the refund and it's more complicated than I once thought. When the package arrived the seller, he still refused to refund me but he said that the package was damaged during shipping. However, as I found that he has signed to accept the package and that means, the package should be free from trouble as from the outside packing. After the postman left, it's actually hard to tell whether the scope was broken during shipping or intentionally done by the receiving party. Frankly, that scope is unuseable in the first place and therefore, it has zero value and thus, it's impossible to claim any insurance indeed. It feels like you're sending a junk but then you said it's "damaged" and ask for compensation! I believe that it's more like cheating and so I've refused this request promptly and asked ebay customer support for help.

ebay is fast and reliable, I got my refund this morning. Despite I've lost some money for the return shipment, I feel good about ebay who stands behind the deal.

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