Thursday, January 13, 2011

ebay buyer protection

It covers the cost of the item as well as the original shipping, but the problem is that, you will have to pay the return shipping.

Somehow it's pretty unfair if it is due to unreliable description of the item. In my case, it was an abused C5 telescope. It's corrector might be from another scope or it is just a piece of plate glass. It came loose and obviously someone had disassembled it before without properly return it into the place. The orientation of the corrector with respect to the primary is critical and I saw no mark left on the corrector, and I've tried to rotate it for sharp image, but I found that I couldn't. The rubber ring around the secondary mirror cell is also broken. When I tried the scope on the moon, I could see double image, no matter how I rotate the corrector or collimate the scope, it won't go.

Returning this junk scope costs me more than $40 USD but I've no choice if I wanted to get back $2xx USD. Buying heavier item which could incur a big return cost is not something wise from ebay transaction.

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