Friday, August 27, 2010

Items still for sales

Price for local Hong Kong transaction:-

1. APM 1.25" Herschel Wedge with heat sink, 1.25" B+W ND3 and polarizing filter (must be used together with the wedge), all for $1800. (SOLD)

2. Orion 100ED f/9 OTA with rings at 7lb only + Unistar Light mount with 3/8" interface at 2lb, both for $3999. Very portable actually. (SOLD)

3. Lumenera LU070M with DIY Peltier cooler, $3000. Last one that I'm trying to sell, I will keep the other one. (SOLD)

4. Astrotrac with original polarscope, original box and paper work, $4200 only, it's over $5000 new. I only try it for a couple of times at home, not suitable for my original plan, virtually new. (SOLD)

5. Shoestring Astronomy FCUSB: USB focusing controller compatible with JMI focusers, etc. $500 HKD, virtually new.

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