Monday, September 06, 2010

20100906 Sun

Finally got time to spend on the Sun! Actually, I'm still buried in my work but I decided to leave them alone for ten minutes. Setting up my iOptron Cube required minimal amount of time, and snap my Ranger on the hacked side, put on the filter, press GOTO and fine tune the position, it's done.

Seeing no good at 3/10 due to the wind, and transparency is very poor at 2/10 at best. The sky is white basically, but the sunshine is still strong. Put my Lumenera LU070M in the focuser and fine tune the focus with the NGF-CM, everything is ready. Adjust the exposure and the filaments comes into view. Fine tune the Tmax and then also fine tune the focus, ready to capture!

There's nothing big to do a closeup, so I only did a single AVI with the focal reducer in place in order to get the full disc. Started Registax before I park the telescope and put everything back in place. It's just 10 minutes!!!

Today, I also did a visual observation with my Nagler 13mm Type 6. I also called my wife in to have look, she couldn't see the filaments at first but she can after looking at my processed image. You know, Registax finished so fast!

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