Thursday, August 05, 2010

Trial setup of the Astrotrac

The Takahashi wedge (originally for Sky Patrol):

A Tele Vue Ranger attached:-

Tripod: Gitzo G106
Wedge: Takahashi (TG-SP II)
Head: Manfrotto 410

I found that the whole setup is pretty close to the window frame, that's good for me since it might indicate that I can use it for indoor imaging. If that's the case, it can replace both my TG-SP II as my portable setup, and my iOptron SmartStar-GPS for indoor imaging. I need to have some real sunshine to confirm this.

Tracking was very stable as I can detect from the eyepiece, at least noticeably better than that of the iOptron. The whole thing is very stable indeed. The first thing which I missed is a hand controller like the TG-SP II, but of course, I can do it manually with the 410 head which should be at least as good. For higher power imaging or observation work of the sun, moon and the planets, I'm sure electronic slewing is much more preferred.

The whole setup is a little bit lighter than that of the TG-SP II, but the difference is not big.

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