Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Very Compact Planet Imaging Solution for Sales

Let me know if you're interested. Here is what's included in the deal:

First of all, this is a small notebook from Sony. This is even smaller than those netbooks.

The detail specifications:

- Sony Vaio U3 ultra small notebook
- 820 grams only
- Size: 185 x 140 x 32mm
- Crusoe 933MHz CPU, 512M RAM, 20G hard disk
- RJ45 network, PCMCIA, USB * 2, 1394 * 1, VGA out, audio in/out
- Installed with Windows XP (with more than 12G free space)

Mine is upgraded to 512M RAM and even comes with a PCG-DA1S cable. Zero drop frame guarantee when used with the ToUCam Pro. To let it run in the field continuously, I will also include a 12V SLA tranformer.

Included also is a Philips ToUCam Prow with an Mogg adapter to connect to any 1.25" focuser, threaded for filter. Finally, a 1.25" Baader UV/IR blocker is also included.

All items for $299 USD including paypal fee and airmail shipping to US or similar destinations. All in one package for planet imaging, and guiding and running star chart software in the field!

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