Monday, December 21, 2009

20091221 Did we pass the solar minimum?

We have three active regions around! Is it finally an end of the long long solar minimum? We have yet to see, but the sun is already on fine show now! It is basically cloudy today with ocassional breaks. Seeing 2/10, transparency 3/10.

When I setup everything, the NGF-CM refused to work, so I disengaged the motor and do manual focusing, not bad. The focuser worked again after I check the wirings, but cloud rolled in.

1334 (GMT+8), no time to really adjust the Tmax:-

1335 (GMT+8), this one is taken when there is less cloud moving over the disc:-

1336 (GMT+8):-

AR1035, 1036 and 1037! It's so nice to have them around... too bad that I couldn't do any close up shots this time.

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