Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Equipment Use Cases

1. Visual Observation: Orion 100ED f/9

Indoor: Meade LXD55 with tracking
Outdoor: Unistar Light without tracking (portable)

2. Solar Imaging: Ranger with NGF-CM, Solarmax 40/BF10, DMK 31AF03

Indoor: Meade LXD55
Outdoor: TG-SP II

3. Star-field Imaging:

TG-SP II + Canon 450D with different prime lenses

4. Planet Imaging:

Meade LXD55 + Canon 450D in video mode or ToUCam Pro or DMK 31AF03


If I have to downsize, I must sell the Orion 100ED f/9... if it could be sold, then I could also see the Unistar Light. Right now the Unstar Light can help me to keep the Orion 100ED f/9 a very portable setup.

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