Wednesday, December 23, 2009

20091223 Sun

The sun is on a good show today, but the sky does not cooperates. Seeing very poor at 1/10, transparency is hard to rate, but I would say it's like 2/10, cloud keep moving. Actually, I should give up but knowing that the sun is active these days, I must catch every little chance. For 99.5%, there's cloud moving and the solar disc keeps popping into the view and disappearing on my computer LCD.

1542 (GMT+8):-

1543 (GMT+8):-

1556 (GMT+8), overexposured, and poor Tmax position:-

Anyway, just a record.

Due to the poor sky, I pulled out my TG-SP II to how it compares with my LXD55. Of course, the LXD55 is far more stable and the dual-axis slewing is great for indoor usage, it's just so convenient. Considering that I won't be able to sell it for much money, I'd rather keep it. The cost for keeping it is so low, and it's just convenient, accurate enough for low power solar imaging.

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