Saturday, September 13, 2008

20080913 Moon

It's just a day before the Chinese Mid-autumn festival (aka Mooncake festival), so I took my Tele Vue Ranger out for some test shots. My Ranger was not used for quite long.

I've also tested to see if I can use a Kenko 2x Teleplus with a telescope, but sad to say, it cannot because the camera will complain about a bad lens connection and result in an error.

Finally, I have added a Tele Vue 2x together with an extension tube to take another shot at higher power. Two frames were stitched together to form the final image. At ISO 100, exposure was at 1/8s and there's no tracking, so I've to reduce the size of the image to around 50% of the original.

Canon 450D was used.

2300 (GMT+8), Canon 450D with Tele Vue Ranger at prime focus, curve adjusted and cropped, no unsharp masking or any other processing:-

2306 (GMT+8), a Tele Vue 2x barlows was added, together with an extension tube to reach focus, 50% resized:-

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