Saturday, September 13, 2008

20080913 Sun

It's nothing special today, but when I arrived home, the sun was so low in the sky that it's virtually meaningless to shot. So in order to save time, I didn't use my H-alpha setup, but instead, I used my Canon 450D with my 200mm f2.8L and a Kenko 2x for shooting.

1737 (GMT+8), with thousand oaks type 2+, I've to use ISO 1600 in order to hand held this setup:-

1738 (GMT+8), without the solar filter, I've to use ISO 100 plus f/64 and still got overexposure, never look into the view finder for this kind of shot, and make sure the sun is low enough in the sky with dense cloud/pollutant:-

Just a record.

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