Wednesday, April 02, 2008

DMK 21AU04.AS arrived!

It's arrived, now they come with a 1.25" adapter, it's very nicely made, better than the one which bought from ebay.

This is my third blue ice-cube, and it's the first USB model.

I tested it with a machine with the following configuration:

- Celestron 2G CPU with 512M RAM
- Windows XP Home
- Maxtor 60G 5400 RPM hard drive

Installation is straight forward, and IC Capture.AS fired up without problem. I set the codec to Y800, set the shutter to faster than 1/60s so that I can test its frame rate.

After 10.1s, the I got 481 frames, i.e. around 47.6 fps, I tried several times and the figure is around 44-47 fps. Not bad for a 5400 RPM hard drive.

Since I've no lens/telescope on hand, what I can do is to test dark frame noise. If I set gain to zero, I got absolutely black screen except 7 hot pixels. If I set gain to maximum, the noise is not too bad for most of the screen, but I could see there are quite a lot of amplifier glow at the upper left corner, and this is similar with my DMK 31AF03.AS as well as my DBK 21AF04.AS.

I am going to test this camera again in my home desktop which has a Duron 1G plus 768M memory but with a 7200 RPM hard drive, so I expect the frame rate could be a bit higher. And then I shall test it with my notebook which is a rather old Sony Vaio U3, and I guess I could get around 30 fps at least.

Thank TIS for this camera!

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