Friday, April 04, 2008

20080404 White Light Sun

This is the Ching Ming Festival today, the sun has become spotless again. There are lots of cloud floating around making any observation hard to do, so I only use my APM Herschel wedge together with my Borg 45ED II to have a short look. Since this is the first chance after the DMK 21AU04.AS arrived, I also took it out for a test.

Seeing 1/10, transparency also 1-2/10.

Telescope: Borg 45ED II
Filter: APM Herschel Wedge with ND3
Camera: TIS DMK 21AU04.AS

Since the chip (1/4") is smaller than the DMK 31AF03 (1/3") and it does not even enough to cover the full disc in one shot, so this is a mosaic of two images stitched together:

Finally, the sky cleared up a little bit, but still very foggy feeling, when I looked into the eyepiece, it's like looking through muddy water, anyway, here's a H-alpha shot with SM40/BF10, again two frames stitched together to form the full disc:-

Notice that very nice prominence bended back to the solar disc and presented as a filament there. Poor sky it was, otherwise it should be a very nice view!

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