Saturday, April 26, 2008

20080426 Cloudy Day Sun

It's a very bad day, fully of cloud but it's not very thick. Exposure like 1/15s with nearly maximum gain can penetrate the cloud to make out something, it's never suitable for imaging but to feed the hungry astronomy heart, I've no choice.

The sun has moved to another location with respect to my home window direction, I've spent over 10 minutes to invent a new way to enable my small Borg 45ED II to point at the sun, guess what, it's to use a binocular L bracket to extend it a little bit further out, and since it's 90 degrees, I can rotate the RA of the LXD55 so that it's pointing more outside, therefore, the 2cm extension does not help much, but with the 90 degree angle, it helps for more than 10cm in total, I believe. Since a L-bracket is used, you cannot expect to use anything heavier than my small Borg. It's truely a very versatile scope for environment limited people like me.

Here're the results:-

1352 (GMT+8), as you can see the artifacts left by the moving cloud, but they're somewhat averaged out; the nice filament is still visible here:-

1353 (GMT+8), there's a very nice prominence, but the sky is too bad for me to push up the image scale:-

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