Thursday, April 26, 2007

20070426 Lunar Observation

We have some non-cloudy sky, I mean it's not fully covered with cloud, but still it's covered with a not-so-thin layer of mist. Seeing is 2-3/10, transparency is something like 3/10.

Borg 45ED II is used, 3x barlows is used for close up, DMK 31AF03, all on a Bogen 410 head on top of a long mounting plate, on a LXD55, to extend the view outside my home window.

2223 (HKT), prime focus, full disc shot:-

2228 (HKT), 3x barlows:-

2231 (HKT), 3x barlows:-

2237 (HKT), 3x barlows, transparency was worsen during this one, noise increases and some parts are cropped for this reason:-

Not bad for a sky-hungry guy, not exactly a good night, but it's fun enough to play with this small gun.

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