Friday, April 20, 2007

An ultra-portable H-alpha setup

Borg 45ED II with SM40/BF10 is very portable indeed, however, since it requires a tripod, it could be a bit hard for everyday usage.

For everyday usage with it, the only exception is probably to use it remotely, but at the time being, I still find it hard to find a suitable place to host my remote controllable setup.

On doing the PST etalon module transplanting, I am thinking if there's a better way. I think of the Pencil Borg which is a 25mm telescope, possible configurations are:-

1. Use a red filter as a small ERF on the aperture, the the PST etalon and BF10 at the back, then do afocal coupling with an eyepiece and my DC.

2. Use a red filter in front of the the PST etalon module, place them on the aperture of the Pencil Borg, and then use the BF10 at the end of the Pencil Borg, again, do afocal coupling with an eyepiece and my DC.

Which setup depends on the focus travel. The first setup might not be do-able however, it does not require any separate adapter, and the whole 25mm aperture of the Pencil Borg can be used. The second setup will not have any focus travel issue, however, the Pencil Borg will be stopped down by the PST etalon module, and also I might have to remove the built-in lens from the PST etalon before use, and new adapters have to be made.

If the PST-BF5 can be used, it would be even better since it allows straight through setup, which would be easier for aimming.

Sounds too good to be true, everyday snapshots style solar imaging!


An H-alpha dream: last night I dreamed of a very active sun, I saw a giant prominence of around the size of the solar disc itself, however, later it's blocked by something inside my home, I remove it angrily and later found that the prominence was gone. I woke up in big anger...

This is probably my first observation log from my dream, actually, I did dream of astronomy observation before, but didn't have good record of them.

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