Monday, January 31, 2005

4-Jan-99, 20:30 - 20:40

Jupiter gets in my viewing window at home much earlier than before, after I've paused for a while. Tonight, I'm trying to look at different magnification from my Ranger to see what is most suitable for me, especially for the Jupiter. 75X produced by the 32mm with Powermate is obviously too low and the image is a bit too bright. The 120X produced by the 20mm with Powermate is very nice, all detail from 150X can be observed but it takes pretty much attention and concentration. 150X produced by stacking a 2x between the 32mm and the Powermate is optimal, I guess, but I could notice an internal reflection from the 32mm; but no such problem for the 20mm. Besides the above, I've tested the Powermate with the 6.3mm, yielding 380X on the Jupiter. The image is a bit fuzzy, but I could still make out three cloud belts, good, I would say. It's just a test rather than trying to see if it's useable or not. And more importantly, to make me love the Ranger more.

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