Monday, January 31, 2005

11-May-2003: Shui Mei, Yuen Long

The moon was bright, but I expected that I would be able to find more, but it gave only frustration.

I set a goal for hunting five deep sky objects, but I failed. First of all, the moon was brighter and more annoying than I anticipated. I could spot the M44 without problem, and after some hard hunt, I could dig out M3 which is new to me and my friends. Otherwise, all failed.

My friend got a new digital camera and it could be the major source of fun for them. He shooted to Saturn, the ring can be made out, but not cleanly. He shooted the Jupiter, but the excessive shake killed all the detail, not even the equal sign. He shooted the moon, and it gave the best result.

Other than the moon, the mount was a problem. Since I was not that energetic that day, I got only the 410 head with my C8 which is an overload. The slow motion control became very stiff, and it was very bad to hunt for new things.

I should have stayed home to shoot the planets and the moon. LOL

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