Monday, January 31, 2005

1999-12-10, 22:52-23:35

While I'm still waiting for the Jupiter to come to my observing window, I prepared everything so that I can setup my scope there.

I could make out four bands tonight. I tried to compare the view through the 6.3mm with 2x Barlows and the 20mm with 5x Powermate. The view through the 6.3mm with 2x Barlows is larger, and the amount of detail in both setting is so similar, and it is not compatible with the result I found yesterday night that the Tele Vue yields a better image.

The Antares yellow filter does help to increase the contrast noticeably, but it also introduces a ghost in the eyepiece. Overall, it's nice to try it out.

I wanted to wait for the Saturn but cloud moved in. But anyway, I decided to wait for a little bit longer.

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