Monday, January 31, 2005

1-Feb-2003: Home@Walnut

Again, I woke up at 4:00a, but it seems to be a bit late! Jupiter has already sinked rather low.

Popped in the 40mm eyepiece, Jupiter was very white with a slight bit of chromatic abberation due to atmosphere.

Bootup the machine and plug in the webcam, found some seeing problem already. Anyway, took some images.

This time, other than the 2x barlows I've been using, I stacked in the Zhi-tong barlows to get larger view... the seeing was bad anyway, just time to do experiment. The image formed was not bad at all. However, notice that I've the lens of the Zhi-tong barlows removed, so it's just acting as an extension tube!

At such high magnification, I noticed that the backlash value has been set too high for visual observation. I hate tunning backlash during imaging, but anyway, my ToUCam has been stucked up with dust and the dead dot, so, has to place the larger Jupiter more accurate in the use-able field. :P

Call an end to the imaging after a few cheap clips due to really poor seeing, remember Jupiter has sunk quite low?!

Before stopping, I realized that M44 was just a bit lower. Popped that 40mm in again trying to see it... the 40mm was bought for this kind of large object... oh... pink background, and only a few of the stars were revealed... alright, it's the first time I caught the whole M44 with my C8 I suppose... not sure it's because of the larger field of the 40mm, or it's because of the cloud which prune away some stars....

Cheap, but enjoyed! Who cares when you didn't even think it could observe!!!

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