Friday, June 24, 2016

20160623 Nam Cheong Playground Planet Imaging Night

I had virtually stopped planetary imaging after the shut down of my home@walnut observation point inside my home.

Tonight, I pulled out my C5 with the Nexstar mount to a nearby playground for planet imaging.  While most people were jogging (I use to jog there too), I took a seat on the grass and started imaging.

I feel like an idiot since I spent long time just to center my targets enough for imaging.  I still remember that I could do imaging with my C8 at f/50 but now I found a hard time using my C5 at f/20!

This is my mobile imaging station.  There is a tiny Gitzo G106 below, and a small projector metal plate to support both my Nexstar and my 10" Teclast Windows 8.1 tablet with a keyboard.  It won't be very stable as expected.

Transferring huge AVI files for imaging processing is slow.  My first target was Jupiter but then the processing of Mars was faster.

1345 (UT), this is stacked without further processing basically.

1347 (UT), this one is aggressively processed but it does not help much, maybe even worse... anyway.

Both taken with my C5 with a Tele Vue 2x barlows.  Without a IR blocker, the image is no good as expected.

Jupiter C5 at prime focus, 1308 (UT):-

With 2x barlows, 1319 (UT):-

Much worse than what I could do previously with a C5, I shall practise more.

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