Monday, December 22, 2014

Imaging on the other side, Sun 20141222

One picture says it all.  The dry cabinet serves as a tripod and also a sun shade for me to focus with my Eee PC... But I found that it's so shaky and with a 2x barlows, vibrations damp out in more than 3 minutes!  I couldn't do accurate focusing today, as a result.

The sky was no good today, transparency at 3/10, seeing 1/10 with so many cloud moving around at variable thickness.  The sky was foggy too, the image was "muddy" at the eyepiece, too.  I even suspect it was the ghost image due to internal reflection, but unluckily, it was the real image!

Many drop frame today, I don't know why exactly, but I guess it's due to the automatic software updates since my Eee PC was not used frequently.

Prime focus shot stitched by two frames taken at 1559 and 1602 (GMT+8) respectively.

And at 2x, taken at 1610 (GMT+8):-

Very poor results.

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