Monday, December 29, 2014

20141229 Comet C/2014 Q2

I'm doing it inside my home!

The sky clears with the cool front, but it's no good by any standard.  Light pollution was crazy and by following star charts, I failed to locate it with my Canon 10x30 IS.

I tried to shoot some close by fields with my 50mm lens and 200mm lens on my Mark-X, none of the frame shows any promising result.

And then I asked myself, why not pull out my Nexstar SE mount?  Alt-az tracking was not too bad for short exposures.  I couldn't do long exposure from a light polluted sky anyway!  With the GOTO, at least I know that I can pointing at the right place.

I choose one star alignment with Sirius, and then I GOTO C/2014 Q2 by manually entering RA/DEC.

I did take an exposure of 10s at f2.8 with my 200mm lens, a green fuzzy patch of light was shown!  Feeling encouraged, I took a few shots successively.

Around 2 minutes of exposure accumulated... not enough signal obviously!  It's ugly but it's mine, and I had fun!!

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