Tuesday, December 30, 2014

20141229-1230 C2014/Q2 Comet Lovejoy

Found it visually with my Ranger from inside my home!  I did it via one star alignment on Rigel and then slew to its RA/DEC.  I also slew to M79 afterward and got it detected too.

Tonight, I've extended the exposure to 15s at ISO1600 and then a few more shots at 20s as well (cf. 10s at ISO 800 last night), in the hope of more signal...  the outcome was nearly washed out on each individual frames, total 35 shots.

While waiting for DeepSkyStacker, I also slewed to M42 and M41 for quick look... very nice!

Better than that of yesterday for sure, but don't really know how to process.

Pushed crazily to see a hint of the tail:-

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