Monday, October 20, 2014

20141020 AR2192

I've very limited time today, so I focus myself on AR2192.

First up is a prime focus shot taken at 1525 (GMT+8):-

And then two 5x shots taken at 1528 and 1529 (GMT+8) respectively, the second shot seems to contain more detail.

Seeing at 2/10, transparency 5/10.

I love this little mighty Nexstar mount, even at 2400mm, tracking is accurate enough for relatively long exposure.  Great for both indoor and out door purpose, I mean for high resolution imaging on planets, lunar and solar shots.

I just made another power source for my Nexstar, now it has 8x AA eneloop (9.6V) in its built-in battery compartment, and 3x 18650 Lithium battery (11.1V) connected via the external power socket.  Both works very nicely, and in case either one fail or exhausted, the other one will pick up seamlessly.

I've two sets (i.e. total six) unprotected 18650 batteries at home, so it's more than enough for a whole night of observation.

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