Saturday, October 18, 2014

20141018 Sun

Seeing 4/10, transparency 4/10.

First up is the prime focus shot, a few filaments on the surface, with one or two extended out to form prominence.  AR2192 is giving another long prominence upward.  Taken at 1235 (GMT+8):-

Then, we have two 2x shots, taken at 1237, and 1238 (GMT+8):-

AR 2187:-

AR 2190, this should be the active region which gives a big prominence loop earlier this week:-

I didn't go for 5x, i.e. 2400mm for pretty long.  Here we go, taken at 1241 (GMT+8) centering on AR 2190 and 1243 (GMT+8) centering on AR 2187:-

Quite a good day... if I have more time, I will do a mosaic...

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