Saturday, April 12, 2014

SMF60-10 first light

This is a dangerous one, since that 82mm to 77mm step down ring is not very secure, so I was hand holding the filter all the time... of course, it won't drop easily, but consider its price, I won't give it too much confident.

Tuning the T-max and focusing is difficult in that case.  Also, the objective was partially blocked by the window frame since the sun was not in a good observing location in the sky with respect to my home.

I forgot the H-alpha view indeed for most of the time I was doing imaging, and my Solarmax 40 has be sold rather long ago... the impression of the new setup was good!  Prominence and surface detail was rich, not much better than the Solarmax 40 I would say, since I was observing at low power.  Also, focusing or the T-max or the RichView was not tuned carefully as well.

The bandwidth and illumination is very even, much better than my Solarmax 40 setup.

To give it a more secure connection, I would buy a 77mm male-male macro coupler, or two step rings screwed together to form such an adapter.  Dual male adapter is available from ebay at over $100 HKD shipped while it was like $20 HKD from taobao but remember the shipping cost.


I managed to get one at $38 from a local shop, factoring in the shipping from taobao, it's a fair deal.

Testing it on the Solarmax plus my Ranger, it's a very firm and secure setup.  I'm going to test it out soon!  Getting excited!

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