Monday, April 28, 2014

20140428 Sun

Let's show the result first.

First one taken at 1514 (GMT+8) at prime focus:-

Next one close up at 1518 (GMT+8) with 2x barlows:-

I didn't look at the sun for long in H-alpha, and I didn't do imaging either.  And this is the first time I got my hand on the RichView tuning.  Seeing was very bad at 3/10, cloud moving around rather quickly with variable thickness.

Problem One: I couldn't use my Mark-X since the viewing angle was very bad, so I was using hand tracking or better say without tracking.

Problem Two: The new Solarmax is very front heavy, due to its bigger size and the added RichView tuning ring...

Problem Three: My DIY dec motor was not working for some reasons, I got to check.

Problem Four: I don't have a motorized focuser right now... 

Anyway, the result is rather encouraging.

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