Friday, October 21, 2011

Jogging under the starry night again

Went out for jogging as usual, the sky was foggy these days mostly due to air pollutant.  However, the sky was pretty black up there near the zenith.  Jupiter was hanging up there, shinning as one of the few "stars" in the sky.

Guess what, I immediately think of my newly acquired GOTO Mark-X.  My friend has promised to hack one from a EQ3-2 motor for me, but I've got no update since then.  I know that I could not rush and I should wait patiently until I got a phone call one day.

During the wait, I could still use manual tracking and I could still think more about how the mounting plate should be made.  The simplest design would be a simple slow motion control which allows me to rotate the scope like the DEC axis of any German Equatorial Mount, and the other side would be a ball head which I already had.  It would allow high power imaging and probably manual or webcam assisted guiding at the same time, and the ball head side would also allow wide field imaging.

I believe that I won't go for a counter weight unless I've something bigger, a movable 5 * AA battery pack should be used for assisting balancing. 

Time to sell that brass counter weight as well?

Now, my miscellaneous sales should include:

1. Shoestring FCUSB
2. Astrotech 1.25" dielectric diagonal
3. Bass counter weight
4. DIY 77mm macro adapter or 70mm f=500mm doublet
5. Small Chinese ball head
6. Metric threading tool set
7. Lumenera LU070M
8. DIY Mark-X mounting plate and counter weight system
9. 5.5" tube ring set

Tell me if you're interested of any of the above items.


Watanabe said...

Hi Oldfield,
I am interested in the ball head listed. Please contact me.
Joe, current owner of your Skypatrol

Oldfield said...

Hi Joe,

It's very small, let me upload a photograph to see if you're interested or not. I guess it's just enough for a DC.


Oldfield said...

See here:

the one attached to the Mark-X plate on the right side.