Wednesday, October 19, 2011

20111019 Sun

Seeing 2/10, transparency 3/10, moving cloud.

Thousand Oaks Type 2+ (full of pinholes), Ranger, Lumenera LU070M, tracked manually with GOTO Mark-X.

From the right side first, the bottom dark one is AR1314, and the bigger group in the middle is AR1319.  On the other side that large pale patch AR1323 and 1324.

This is the first time that I use the new Generic Chinese ballhead for imaging, it's strong enough but it's not very good for fine adjustment with high power (480mm * 5 = 2400mm) and I assume that I will need a fine adjustment head like Manfrotto 410 before it could be used for high power imaging.  However, my 410 is now serving as the polar alignment wedge.

That ball head is strong enough with my Ranger even at high power, no shifting noticed.

For wide field imaging, I don't have to go anything stronger.  For planet imaging, I will need another head but then now I just have my Ranger, no need to concern about high power at the time being?

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