Friday, July 16, 2010

My Cube

A few days ago, I found that it switched itself to EQ mode and the GPS sign was off. And after powering it up for sometime, it will report that it cannot communicate with the dec motor. Seems it's failed?

I tried to replace its firmware but the problem persisted. Later with the help of a local folk, I managed to get the newer firmware but it does not help either. When I tried to contact the technical support of iOptron, they offered me a repairing service at $70 USD, factoring in the shipping cost for me to send it to them, it's more than half of a new controller! Oops...

Okay, I plugged in the controller again and then it works suddenly. Everything appear to be normal. I switched it off and on, it's not working again with the same set of symptoms. Apparently, something is getting loose?

Therefore, I shall try to find a replacement cable for it. It's just a straight RJ11 cable with four pins (i.e. RJ14 to be exact), and I was told that it's different from our home phone cable, so I should verify by using a multimeter before going on.

Wish me good luck!


I'll try to make replacement cable myself... Guess what, the tools and the raw cables are cheaper than the stocked cable. I guess it's most probably a cable issue since the problem happens something and disappear sometimes, and therefore, it's reasonable to be a result of poor contact.

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