Friday, July 09, 2010

Just sold and shipped my last ToUCam Pro

I became more serious in astronomy with a small ToUCam Pro, and in all these years, I had owned over five ToUCam Pro, and I've modified them to black and white, raw mode support, etc.

Upon selling my bigger scopes, and also by going to DMK and later Lumenera, I had not much point in keeping a ToUCam Pro. My last backup camera was just sold and shipped.

It's still an excellent camera by any measure, especially given its price, however, my focus has been changed to more portable gear. For solar imaging, a black white camera is a must, and therefore, I no longer need any ToUCam Pro.

I've even used a ToUCam Pro with a Asus router so that I can do remote monitoring to my home, but then this was also replaced by an IPCamera.

It's all now history!

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