Friday, June 11, 2010

Software Ready...

Just installed the following on my netbook:

1. Lumenera driver for my LU070M
2. K3CCDTools again for my LU070M
3. Driver for my iOptron mount
4. ASCOM Platform, ASCOM driver for my iOptron mount
5. Cartes du Ciel

All tested to work, now ready for solar imaging as well as comet hunting when the sky allows.


Found the c mount to 1.25" adapter with filter thread on ebay again, $21 USD shipped, not a bad deal. I will need this one in order to shoot in white light with my Herschel wedge... since I'll need to attach those ND3 and polarizer to the camera nosepiece.

The Lumenera LU070M barrel does not have filter thread.

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