Friday, June 18, 2010

List of items that I want to get rid of...

Expected price in HKD without shipping:
  1. 5" diameter heat absoring glass, ask for $50
  2. Factory Enhanced Unistar Light: the Customization is done by Universal Astronomics, not by me, so that it can be used to support a C8 at medium power observation (up to around 100x), super portable at less than 2lb only, adapter available for 3/8" tripod. Come with an extra Japanese made GP compatible dovetail saddle. Ask for $1600 HKD, or $1400 HKD without the saddle.
  3. Orion 100mm ED f/9 with tube rings, ask for $3500 HKD, can be used with the above mount. Get both at $4800 HKD.
  4. 1.25" APM Herschel wedge with matching 1.25" B+W ND3 and polarizing filters, $1800 for the whole set, the perfect tool for serious white light solar observer.
  5. Lumenera LU070M 1/3" 640x480 60fps 10-bit USB 2.0 black white camera, excellent for solar imaging, HKD $2700 each, I still have two on hand.
  6. Shoestring Astronomy FCUSB, USB focusing controller compatible with JMI focusers, etc. Expect $500 HKD.
  7. Sky Atlas 2000.0
Contact me if you're interested, actually, I'm willing to ship them except maybe the Orion 100ED f/9 since it's a bit too bulky for me to do so. Of course, I can arrange if there's a good potential buyer.

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