Friday, June 11, 2010

20100611 Sun

Muddy sky, full of moving cloud, and the cloud never stop moving. Anyway, just a record.

I've rotated the telescope in its mounting ring so that it's more like for alt-az tracking. I've also moved the ring such that it is in great balance when used with the Solarmax 40 and BF10.

Sales of the Orion 100ED:

A potential buyer of my Orion 100ED + Unistar Light has contacted me this morning, we shall meet tomorrow morning to test the scope out. He will bring a tripod and I will buy a couple of eyepieces for the test.

Just wish that this nice scope would impress him, and I really want this excellent scope to have a good new home! If I successfully sold this scope finally, I will stay as such. Low inventory, only the most portable.

I shall attach the Unistar Light on the Orion 100ED tonight.

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