Monday, November 30, 2009

20091130 Sun

Extremely poor seeing and transparency. The transparency has been so low that I even need to use 1/45s for surface detail, normally, I will use something like 1/400s! So, you see the difference. Seeing is poor at 2/10 as well, boiling disc edge.

1608 (GMT+8):-

1609 (GMT+8):-

Sunday, November 29, 2009

20091129 Sun

Seeing 3/10, transparency 3/10. Hazy and poor seeing, it's not very common and it's the worst case. Silent sun, and so not much can be seen. Feels like a dirty light bulb without any detail except some minor detail near the bottom left.

1513 (GMT+8):-

1514 (GMT+8):-

Saturday, November 28, 2009

20091128 Sun

Extremely poor seeing, the solar disc is boiling even at 480mm only, I would rate it like 1-2/10, transparency quite good at 6/10. Lack of detail today.

1434 (GMT+8), the small active region is going behind the visible side:-

1435 (GMT+8):-

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

20091125 DSLR Moon

Very poor seeing, like 1-2/10, transparency so-so at 4/10. Canon 450D video mode with Canon 100-400mm@400mm with Kenko 2x.

This lens could definitely do better, I shall try again when the condition of the sky improves.

Monday, November 23, 2009

20091123 Sun with a huge prominence

I expect this will be a short session like to follow up the active regions these days, but it turns out that there's something special... let's do the regular stuff first, seeing 5/10, transparency 6/10. Again, all taken with my Tele Vue Ranger with Solarmax 40 and BF10, DMK 31AF03 all tracked on a Meade LXD55, focusing was down with a NGF-CM. First two were taken with a reducer for full disc.

1449 (GMT+8):-

1450 (GMT+8):-

Originally, I thought it was some reflection on the computer screen or dust... you know, it's so big to be real, you see the loop at the lower left... I slew the mount a little bit and that loop follows... oh... I pulled out my 2x barlows and remove the reducer:-

1452 (GMT+8), we need to follow up the active regions first:-

1454 (GMT+8), hey this thing is dim... even at f/24, I'm pushing my setup as you could see the internal reflection gets pretty bright... yes, it's 1/8s exposure with very high gain:-

1456 (GMT+8), one more shot:-

1508 (GMT+8), and then I tried to rotate my Solarmax 40 in its adapter, in the hope to remove that internal reflection, actually, just to turn it to somewhere else so that the prominence can stay in the reflection free area of the filter, and I did it:-
I expect that there will be a huge active region lying down under? Let's see, but I just checked my calendar, I probably couldn't shoot in the few coming days... X(

20091123 Huge Prominence Alert!!!

It's the biggest that I've ever seen! Just a note and images will follow.

It's 2009-11-23 1458 (GMT+8).

Dim, oval shape loop, extremely big!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

20091122 Sun

Back home rather late today, so the sun was sinking low already. Still caught the chance, the active regions were still around. Seeing 2/10, transparency 4/10 (it was pretty good overhead but the sun was sinking low).

Full disc shot with the reducer:-

1621 (GMT+8):-

1622 (GMT+8):-

Close up shots without the reducer plus a 2x barlows:-

1627 (GMT+8):-

1628 (GMT+8):-

1631 (GMT+8):-

1634 (GMT+8):-

Saturday, November 21, 2009

20091121 Sun

It has been either busy or cloudy. It was cloudy this morning but then the sky cleared up just a few minutes ago, that's great! We have AR1033 around.

With reducer:-

1532 (GMT+8):-

1533 (GMT+8):-

1536 (GMT+8) with 2x:-

The setup:

I pulled out my Nagler 13mm Type 6 to have a look, what a sight!!!

Saturday, November 07, 2009

20091107 Sun

Thin cloud scattering around and constrast was reduced greatly. Seeing 3/10, transparency 6/10. Low activity again.

1502 (GMT+8), captured with a DMK 31AF03:-

Canon 450D video mode capturing, surface detail at 1/320 ISO 100, prominences at 1/25s ISO 400.

(the results are too bad to keep, not to say to post)

Friday, November 06, 2009

20091106 Sun

There's some small scale activities on the surface, but prominence activity becomes low. Seeing 3/10, transparency 6/10.

1610 (GMT+8):-

1611 (GMT+8):-

Thursday, November 05, 2009

20091105 Jupiter

Taken with my Canon 450D in video mode, Orion 100 ED f/9, seeing 3/10, transparency 5/10.

2116 (GMT+8), with 2x barlows, ISO 800 at 1/25s:-

2123 (GMT+8), with 5x Powermate, ISO 1600 at 1/15s:-

Feels like way too much compression in the AVI, hard to squeeze useful information.

Monday, November 02, 2009

20091102 Sun

Still lack in surface activities, but the prominences are pretty nice. I even pulled out my eyepiece to have a look :-)

1411 (GMT+8):-

1413 (GMT+8):-

While I'm adjusting my mount, I saw a plane passed through the solar disc! What a sight, but too bad that my camera was not recording.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

20091101 Sun

Still silent, seeing 2/10, transparency 2/10.

1511 (GMT+8):-

1512 (GMT+8):-