Monday, November 23, 2009

20091123 Sun with a huge prominence

I expect this will be a short session like to follow up the active regions these days, but it turns out that there's something special... let's do the regular stuff first, seeing 5/10, transparency 6/10. Again, all taken with my Tele Vue Ranger with Solarmax 40 and BF10, DMK 31AF03 all tracked on a Meade LXD55, focusing was down with a NGF-CM. First two were taken with a reducer for full disc.

1449 (GMT+8):-

1450 (GMT+8):-

Originally, I thought it was some reflection on the computer screen or dust... you know, it's so big to be real, you see the loop at the lower left... I slew the mount a little bit and that loop follows... oh... I pulled out my 2x barlows and remove the reducer:-

1452 (GMT+8), we need to follow up the active regions first:-

1454 (GMT+8), hey this thing is dim... even at f/24, I'm pushing my setup as you could see the internal reflection gets pretty bright... yes, it's 1/8s exposure with very high gain:-

1456 (GMT+8), one more shot:-

1508 (GMT+8), and then I tried to rotate my Solarmax 40 in its adapter, in the hope to remove that internal reflection, actually, just to turn it to somewhere else so that the prominence can stay in the reflection free area of the filter, and I did it:-
I expect that there will be a huge active region lying down under? Let's see, but I just checked my calendar, I probably couldn't shoot in the few coming days... X(

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